Monday, 21 March 2011

RND 11 Our contribution

So for Red Nose Day this year I wondered what I would do, and on pondering I had an idea (my 10yo Dear Daughter called it a light bulb moment) as my Apple Jelly is clear I wondered if I would be able to put a bright red glace cherry in it to symbolise a Red Nose.

So I had a play and yes this worked really well, although I found out that you needed to get the air out the of the glace cherry to make it sink (see who says there isn't science in cooking!)

So the jars looked good but they needed eyes which I was just going to draw on with a permanent pen, but before I did this I though I would just look on the internet to see it anyone made 'eye stickers'.  My search came up with a mail order company called 'Yellow Moon' who I have dealt with in the past as a Rainbow Guide leader, who did a reel of sticky eyes.

So from a very simple idea came this product that we took out to sell this weekend and they were very well received and we hope to raise a lot of money for Comic Relief.