Saturday, 22 January 2011

Who said Twitter is just Cheese Sandwiches

So after a nearly 2 weeks of feeling rather awful, I had orders that I needed to catch up on and make so I started with Red Onion Marmalade.

The teaspoon or so left in the measuring jug

But when bottling up I found I had an amount
 left which was too small for anything, so as
 it was around lunch time I decided to
have it myself.  So what to have it with?

Now I am rather partcial to a cheese sandwich, so on checking the fridge I found that we did indeed have cheese so I proceded to make said sandwich.

Doesn't look great I know the light was too bright I have been informed!

But then my dilema was do I toast the sandwich or not as seeing as I have post the last photo on Twitter I decided to do the same with this photo and ask the question to toast or not to toast.  Teh responses came back from @hazelshomegrown @realmensow and @s_humber_design that toasting was the way.

As the sandwich was too thick to fit in a toasty bag,
so I toasted under the grill, and this was the result.

Red Onion Marmalade and Honey Mustard all
capped up ready to go

Then to show the full cycle of the Red Onion
 Marmalade I also took a picture of the
jars that I had bottled earlier that were
going out to a local Farm Shop.

So that was my lunch on Friday! makes a change really as I don't often actually stop for lunch, but Friday I did, and very nice it was too.

Please leave me a comment on this blog, and I will write again soon.

Vickie xx


  1. I'm just gutted when I got home you hadn't saved me any!!! Still maybe next time :-)

  2. Hello from @Jaydubblah. Taking photos of food is fraught with difficulty. You should see what the professionals use to make it look good! But the description sounded yum. I love pickle under the cheese when I do it on toast.

  3. Yummy. What cheese? Would love to try your Red Onion Marmalade. Can I get it online? Occasionally I make my own. Love it with White Nancy - a lovely goat's cheese from near Glastonbury. Do enjoy your tweets but have never said hello. So Hello!

  4. Haha, glad you made the right decision!

    I could live on cheese and chutney toasties.

  5. Mmmmm cheese sandwich...*scurries off to kitchen*...

    (Thanks for entering the blog carnival!)

  6. My favourite ~ red onion marmalade, looks delicious! I could live off cheese toasties with chutney and onions!