Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Exciting times ahead - Are you my Jam Factor?

I had a very exciting meeting with 2 great friends yesterday, and if you are connected to the food industry in anyway there will be an exciting development soon, I wish I could say more but I know that I would get told off for spilling the beans!

At my markets at the weekend people were still saying Happy New Year! it felt really weird as it is almost 2 weeks into the New Year and how fast we forget all the festivities, just like holidays I suppose, you only have to have been back a short time and it feels like an age ago that you were away.

Luton Tweetup
We had our very first Luton Tweetup on Sunday and although the numbers were small, it appears that we are going to do it more often and the numbers of those interested has grown.  I can't wait to meet more lovely peeps in the flesh and the upcoming events, let me know if you are interested in coming along to one.

Are you MY Jam Factor?
As a result of being on The One show at the end of November last year we are upping our production and we are looking for a reliable person to join our small but lovely team of workers (that would be me then!) The hours would be flexible and a food safety certificate would be an advantage but not essential, so if you are interested either send me an email at or call me on 01525 750246 or 07967900110, I would like to hear from you.

I have got some research to do, as yesterday two separate people in two separate meetings suggested the use of 'mind maps' and apparently this would be good for me to use as I have thoughts running around my head like mad and it should help to get some order into what I want to do and achieve so that is this weeks task - along with the general running of the business - to see if they are right and how you go about doing a 'mind map'.

I'm sorry that this post is going to be such a short one but I am off to go and do my stint at the Bedford Credit Union which is opening a collection point in Flitwick, so if you want to know more about me you will have to follow my tweets and you can come and talk to some of my great friends.

So bye for now

Vickie xx

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