Monday, 25 October 2010

Always the Bridemaid and Never the Bride

So my lovelies I have had a mad 2 weeks and whats more looking at my calender for November and December it would appear that it is going to get worse, I mean busier!  Also looking at said calender I don't have a weekend off till the 25/26th December! are you sure there aren't any markets on those days? what do you mean you don't think that anyone will be out shopping!!!

On 8th Oct I took my National Certificate for Personal License Holders (NCPLH) exam and passed with 39/40, which means that I can now apply for my Personal License to sell alcohol, so the Sloe Gin and Damson Vodka I have been making for the last 2 months won't have to be given to all and sundry as presents but can be sold at farmers markets!

We also on the weekend of 16th and 17th attended a couple of Apple day celebrations, one at Luton Hoo and one at Bromham Mill which were good fun and we had a bonus as the weather was dry too.  We also have tried some Farmers markets that are a little further away from us in Middlesex and the bottom of Bucks and although the markets that we attended weren't brilliant we will try for another couple to see if they perk up any.

On the 20th we attended the Creating Futures Awards in the beautiful city of Ely, I had been shortlisted for the Personal Transformation category, however I didn't win, but everyone kept being nice saying that it is the taking part that counts and that I was a winner to get to the last 5 out of 100 entries but I still wanted to win! but that is just the competitive bit of me!

I have been sending samples off to deli's and farm shop here there and everywhere, and to help me with this I have bought some boxes and cardboard trays from a local company in Luton, so here's hoping that they all decide to place orders!

I think I have an e-book in me that I would love to write telling people what they need to be able to sell food to the public, as the number of people that I have to tell what is required of them to be covered legally is amazing. I have a lady this week who thought that she could make different flavoured oils and not be checked have any sort of qualifications she would just be able to rock up to a farmers market and sell, UH-UHH! they seem shocked when I say that it doesn't work that way.  So watch this space.

So half term as well this week, I have 12yo son away with the Youth Parliament until Tuesday leaving me with the 10yo Daughter and 8yo Son who luckily love Lego and I am sending them down the shop each day to get the voucher for a Lego toy from The Mirror everyday this week, which means lots of trips to Toy R Us to get the toys but they are being good at the minute and not asking for anything else but the free toy, but they have asked for the Playmobil or Lego Advent calenders rather than a chocolate or the paper ones that we have in stock! I think that I like the toy advent calenders but do you know how much they are? the Playmobil are £15 and the Lego £25 do I really love them THAT much?

Anyway I have orders to get out and work to do so I will write again soon.  Please do leave a comment and tell me what you would like to see in my blog, all ideas welcome x


  1. Hellloooo! So sorry to see that you didn't win hun - horrible feeling isn't it?! Feel great to get that far but then a bit of a blow when you don't hear your name called out as a winner! I completely relate to that one. You did do well though - you really did! Congrats on passing the test for your license too!

    I think an Ebook is a fab idea - great marketing tool for your business too - do it!!

    We have gotten the kiddies a playmobil calendar the past couple of years - I love them - they love them and what's more the toys last and will get played with for years - that makes the cost worth it for me. I get them off Ebay though (slightly cheaper!) It's lovely seeing the scene grow with each passing day too! Milly still plays with her Fairy themed calender toys from last year now!

    Hope business is going well x

  2. Oh! I have just sent you a DM asking about legalities! Then I come here and found this blog post. So glad to see you are thinking of writing an e-book, do it please.